Saturday, October 27, 2007


MJ is a tough girl. There is no doubt about it. She was up on the roof of our house yesterday, helping CJ sweep off the leaves as we prepare our house to be sold. Our roof is flat, and we have let the kids up there to clean off the skylights and retrieve balls several times. As I was sitting here at the computer, I heard a thump, but assumed it was just a branch from one of the many oak trees hitting the ground. Then I hear a small "Daddy!" and I look out the window and see MJ laying on the ground. At the same time I hear running across the roof over me, and see CJ practically jump down to his little girl.

I knew right away what had happen- my sweet little girl had fallen off the roof. I ran outside to see if she was ok, and immediately started having a panic attack. In the meantime CJ is checking her body, to see if anything is broken. She isn't crying, but she definitely is in pain. He checks her knees, which she tells him really hurt, checks her neck and sees it's ok, and then picks up her arms and there is an obviously broken wrist. When I see that I become pretty useless to the situation, as I can't catch my breath, and I stumble around trying to get back into the house to call for someone to stay with JJ as we take her to the hospital. I managed to call a friend (thank goodness her number was programmed into my phone and that her husband was available to help!!) but still can't breathe, and feel like I might pass out and create an even bigger problem for CJ.

We made it to the hospital, fighting rush hour traffic the whole way, and into the ER where they took her right back to the doctor. I'm still fight feeling nauseous and keeping myself upright, and MJ is being amazingly tough as she tells the doc where she hurts and what had happened.

We were worried about her knees and head, and since she kept wanting to fall asleep so we were thinking concussion. Doctor checked her over, felt her head, didn't feel any bumps or cuts, and said we'd just need to keep an eye on her for signs of concussion. The wrist was obviously busted, so they took her back to get x-ray on all the possible injury locations. At that point CJ and I (finally feeling normal about 45 minutes into the experience) were thinking that, although she was hurting in several places, it was only her left wrist that had real damage.

We were wrong. The x-rays (that took an hour to get back to us. Grrrrr) showed that my little girl had busted BOTH of her wrists. The left one had more damage, and would need to be moved back into place. The right one was broken, but did not need to be messed with further, thank goodness.

So after 3 hours of waiting, the ortho doc had MJ put to sleep so he could fix the wrist without it being to traumatic. CJ watched, I hid. And after 5 hours in the emergency room, we brought our daughter home. It was an eventful evening for sure. One I hope to never relive. MJ has 2 casts, and is totally unable to feed, dress, or even stand up on her own. Of course we got her movies and junk food, and plan to tend to her every need for however long it takes.

I am just so, so grateful that her fall from the roof didn't do more damage to her little body. And I've made a new "no kids on the roof- ever" rule. I'm also truly thankful for another answered prayer I received through the process. Heavenly father was watching over my precious MJ, and answering my heartfelt prayers from earlier in the day.


Tambi Lane said...

I so happy she's Ok. Taylor broke just one wrist a few years ago, What an experience. It's scary for us mothers, so I'm sypathetic to you as well. How long does she have to wear the casts??

Amber said...

I hate that that happened! But I am so glad it wasn't somthing a lot more serious!