Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Things

New Job.

I was hired by an attorney last week, to be her personal assistant. Basically this means I do the things that she does not have the time to do. Cleaning her home, shopping, running to the dry cleaners or the post office- all the things I do everyday already, but don't get paid for. I wish I could afford to hire me. That would be sweet.

New Arm Wear

MJ had her splints removed today, and new, clean casts now adorn her skinny arms. She picked pink on the left and purple on the right. The original plan was to get orange (OSU Beavers) and green (UofO Ducks) but green wasn't an option. And since she is a platypus (meaning she likes both the Oregon teams equally) she could not just get orange. So she went for the next best option and choose girly colors. Her right arm has a small wrist cast, and she can use her hand fairly well. It will come off in three weeks. Her left arm- the one more damaged in the big fall off the roof- has a full cast, from her fingers to above her elbow. It will come off the day before she turns nine.

New Plans

We are selling our house. I may have mentioned this before, because I have been wanting to do it for months now, but we have officially listed it. Yay! Now comes the stress of keeping the house clean 24/7 in case someone wants to see it, and completing all the little projects that we have let pile up. This is going to be hard for me, I'm kind of an ObsessivelyCleanEverySingleCrevicePerfectlyRightNow, then IgnoreTheMessAsItPilesUpAroundMe, and then back to ItMustBeCleanRightNowAgain type of girl. Yeah, I lean to the extreme. So maintaining it daily will be a big challenge. But I can do it!! I have to do it!! Because I really, and I mean really, ReallyWantANewHouseRightNow!! :)

New Me

So I was having a hard time for a while. For the past several months I was going through a severe depression, and simultaneously a test of my faith. My testimony was wavering, and I was just pretty miserable all around. But I'm done. I'm better. My depression has lifted, my faith is restored, and I have a new, stronger than it's ever been, commitment to living my life the right way. Those few months where I was alone, having walked away from my Heavenly Father, were painful and lonely and I never want to go through that again. I have made daily goals for myself that are helping my testimony and understanding of the Gospel to grow. It feels good. No, better than good- it feels RIGHTEOUS!!

Catch me if you can-


The Mathews Four said...

Happy Happy Update! I love you AJ!

Stacey @ Happy Are We said...

Hello there! I've been keeping up with your blog, though not commenting (sorry to lurk!). I'm glad to read this post and see that you are feeling so strong. I think of you often, after reading your posts, and have included you in my prayers many times. Good luck with the new job and with the house for sale! Oh, and by the way, what you are describing with the cleaning extremes - I go through the *same* thing! I call it "bipolar housekeeping disorder." ;-)

Rachau said...

AJ i am so happy for you.Stay strong. Good luck with your new job, selling your home and finding a new one that will be even better!

AmberL said...

All good news to see!! Poor MJ ! But ya know...back when we were kids you got plain old white casts. The colors are fun!!