Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Favorites

A few of my favorite things.

color: deep blue
season: fall
food: blueberries
place: Lake Powell
smell: rain in the desert
song: The Heart of The World, John Mayer
tv show: The Office
animal: cats
brand of jeans: Arizona
candy: black licorice
shoes: flip-flops
cartoon: Spongebob
soda: diet Dr. Pepper
fast food: Arby's
website: ebay
artist: Van Gogh
time to wake up: 10am
vacation spot: Robin Hood's Bay, England
way to keep in touch: email
Sunday activity: naps
Thanksgiving food: sweet potatoes
number: 7


Stacey said...

Hello from another LDS Oregon blogging mom!! (phew...that was a mouthful!!) I've enjoyed reading through your blog - and some really great pictures of your family and adventures! I'll keep stopping by. :-)

Nicole said...

I can't believe how much we have in common...deep blue, John Mayer, flip flops, The Office, diet Dr. Pepper, ebay, email, sweet potatoes, and 7.