Friday, November 17, 2006

Love and Affection

There is no lack of it at my house. JJ insists on being as close to me as possible at all times.

Here is the proof: JJ holding me as close as possible as he falls asleep. (Our faces must be touching!!)

Occasionally he will snuggle up to MJ if she happens to be the warm body in the bed.

Tonight JJ snuggled up to my rear-end. Because even the time it takes mommy to look for socks is too long to be unattatched.

Maybe it is part of being autistic: not knowing where you end and someone else begins.

All this cuddling is A-ok with me. It's one great way to connect with my little boy who doesn't talk.

And, man, do we adore each other. I'll take all the love this angel boy can give me.

Catch me if you can-



Stacey said...

These pictures are so sweet! I've worked with some autistic children in the school district, and they are at the other end of the spectrum - you cannot touch them, they will not tolerate it. So I think you are very blessed (and I confess, I'd be A-ok with it, too!!).
Take care!

Inkling said...

I love that picture of the kiss-napping in his Pooh suit! Isaac used to like to sleep like that when he was a toddler. I think you are getting to keep the best parts of toddlerhood forever.

Meemer said...

what a sweet boy.

Olivia said...

What a sweetheart you have!

Angela said...

The picture of "Pooh" leaning against you while you are bending down is absolutely priceless. I think that picture right there captures a zillion words about motherhood. And he's adorable.

Thank you for stopping by, I LOVED what you had to say. I had hoped for some "firsthand" insight and yours was excellent---thank you.

TheMomoftheShoe said...


Jaimers said...

JJ is such a cutie, and I love the picture of him leaning on your bottie bot! I think love and affection is the most important character to a happy home!