Sunday, November 05, 2006

Counting My Blessings

I have been thinking about how I can motivate myself to blog more regularly. I didn't have any inspiration until today at church. The teacher was talking about virtues, and how we can encourage them in ourselves and our families. We listed all of the charateristics we consider to be virtues. Kindness, patience, honesty, acceptance, cleanliness, etc. The virtue that really stuck out to me during that lesson was gratefulness. I tend to be, unforunately, more of a glass-half-empty kind of girl. If things are flowing along wonderfully in my life- I don't always notice. But when life throws me a curve ball it consumes me.

So my plan is to focus on thinking about and recognizing the positives in my life. If I can learn to notice the good, no matter how small, maybe the bad things will roll more easily off my back. For the next month I'm going to use this blog as my Gratitude Journal.

For my first post I'm simply going to list the things in my life that I am most grateful for today.

*The spirit that was felt in testimony meeting, and the members of my ward who expressed their faith in Heavenly Father's timing.

*My husband, who loves me at my best and my very worst. Who knows exactly when to hug me and when to let me be alone.

*Babies. I got to hold a darling one during church today and it really lifted my heart.

*Service. More specifically the service that compassionate people do for my family.

*My life experiences. As hard as they are to go through, some of my toughest trials have come back to bless me. I am a more understanding and sympathetic person because of them.

*My home. I complain about it often- and dream of something nicer/bigger/newer- but it keeps us warm and safe, and contains everything I hold dear.

*My Children. They make me laugh, make me cry, make me crazy- but they are mine and I love them. Life couldn't compare without these angels.

*The Gospel. The foundation and the guidepost of my life. My life has meaning and purpose because of it. It provides me with challenges to stretch me, friendships to support me, and joy to sustain me. Nothing is more valuable.

Catch me if you can-


Jane said...

That is so nice! I always feel much better when I am counting my blessings.

amerimeximadre said...

Thanks for sharing that! sometimes I need a reminder of how blessed I am too. Sometimes we just expect life to be good and perfect and we need hard times to remember how blessed we are when things are smooth.

The Constant Gardener said...

I think I need a little blessing counting myself. Thanks for the reminder!