Monday, November 06, 2006

Gratitude- Day 2

Family Home Evening is the most inspired program in the church. Seriously. There is no better way to teach us to appreciate, tolerate, share, learn, and laugh together.

We are a film loving family. So every month or so we have "movie night" as our FHE. The pick tonight? Nacho Libre. We already knew we loved Jack Black, and this movie is written by the same guy (Jared Hess) who wrote Napolean Dynamite.We started it with high hopes, and it didn't let us down. Slightly rude, very action-packed, and full of silly one-liners, Nacho Libre was the perfect fit for our slightly rude, action-packed, silly family. I mean, come on- wrestling, orphans, farting, costumes, and a little bit of religion? Whats not to love?

So, in light of this evenings cinematic event, tonight I am grateful for:

*cozy couches to snuggle on
*comfy PJs
*the rain on the roof
*left over Halloween candy

Catch me if you can-

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Kristine said...

My husband and I saw this on our anniversary in June. I loved it and have been anxious to show it to my oldest kids (which means everyone will watch it...).

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm bookmarking yours!