Saturday, December 17, 2005

This is me.

I'm adding a pic in case any of you care to see what I look like. I took this today in my bathroom, because I am contemplating getting a new 'do. I get really bored every few months, and have to do something to jazz up my mommy-life. Usually this means rearranging all the furniture in my house. I'll move around the bookshelves and couches, and re-hang all the pictures on the walls. CJ will come home to a whole new set up, and not blink an eye- he's so used to it. Sometimes it includes searching for a new job in hopes of moving to a new, never-been-to location. I'll search for hours for a job that looks like a perfect fit, and then CJ will show no interest, and I'll start looking again. I'd be happy with moving to a new city every 2 years if I could convince my husband to go with me. I like change. I need change. I think I'm a little ocd that way.

Hopefully a new haircut (and this really is a change for me- I tend to revert to the same old thing, style-wise) will calm my restless soul for a few weeks.

Catch me if you can-


1 comment:

Steph said...

You're really pretty Alaina. :)

So, what hair style do you think you'll get?