Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

This is the view from my front porch. Yeah- it's cold here.

I grew up in Arizona. We had no snow, and I didn't care a bit. So now I am here in Idaho, and it's freezing- which I hate- and the temp has been as low as 11 degrees. I am afraid to leave my house and drive in the snow and ice. I get all stressed out just thinking about taking my little lightweight car out in this. I called in sick to my part-time job, just to avoid the drive. CJ grew up in the mountains of Central Oregon. They had snow several feet deep from November to April. He loves it. He takes the car out and plays in the drifts, spinning around and braking really fast, all that stuf that terrifies me. He thinks I am a big wimp, and I admit it- I totally am.

I also have a lifelong fear of slipping. I don't know why- I can't remember ever having a horrible fall that brought on this fear. But I do know that the ice on the sidewalks really freaks me out. I take careful, slow steps, praying that I will stay upright. If I am walking with my husband, I hang onto him for dear life. This phobia doesn't help to lessen my dislike for the snow outside.

I dream about the sunshine. When I was young, I could sleep outside on my trampoline without even needing blankets. It was so warm. I remember swimming in the lake and the water would be so warm that it didn't even cool you off from the 100 degree weather. That was so great. We would wear our shorts and tank-tops till October. I had a tan 9 months of the year. I really miss that.

I wish I could convince CJ to take a job somewere warm. Arizona, southern Utah, Nevada, Hawaii. Yeah- Hawaii would be perfect. Who wouldn't want to live in Hawaii if they could? My husband, that's who. He didn't even have a desire to apply for an open position there a few months ago. Isn't that crazy? Hello?! It's paradise!

I guess for now I am stuck here in the cold, and I should try to make the best of it. I do enjoy watching my kids play in the snow. Their eyes light up to see it coming down outside. Our neighbors took them sledding, pulled behind a four-wheeler. My daughter was so excited, her little face all glowing when she got home. These are things they will remember with fondness from their childhood, just like I remember the hot Arizona sunshine.

So I'll try to enjoy the winter, and be grateful for the fact that 8 months of the year are dry. At least we don't live in Alaska.

Catch me if you can-

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Linsey said...

Here I sit, in Arizona, and I am cold just looking at that. Brrrr...Althoug, I am February...