Saturday, July 09, 2011

Note Pad

*Jacob said, several times, "Mom, help me." Unmistakably. Awesome.

*Somehow he shot himself with a paintball gun point blank on the hip. We all tried diagnosing the scene, but no one can figure out how he managed it. Its a perfectly round welt that will hurt for a few days. Ouch.

*No real aggressive episodes for 3 days. A bit of hitting and chasing, but none of what I call a full-blown tantrum.

*Jacob is eating nearly a third of what he had been a month ago. The med was known for increasing appetite and resulting in weight gain, and we have really seen that for the last few years. Now his appetite looks like that of a regular kid to me. Maybe we'll see some weight loss!

*No bath/shower in 8 days. I wipe him clean every chance I get, but he refuses to bathe, and it isn't worth the pain to me. Eventually he'll decide he wants to play in the bath again, hopefully sooner than later. At least he is in the good habit of hand washing.

*Madison downloaded a free app to her iTouch called "Tap to Talk." Jacob picked it up right away and within 2 minutes had made it say, "I want soda please." Could this be his first technology assisted request?

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M said...

This gave me chills. If you recall the Carly Fleischman video on youtube, she made her first successful attempt to communicate by typing the word "hurt." Maybe our violent kids are violent because they hurt so much. She certainly expressed that when she learned to type so articulately.