Sunday, August 08, 2010

Flight Time

We had a great experience a few weeks ago that needs to be shared. Last month I was doing some exploring of websites that come up when I google "autism" and I found an ad for a nonprofit called Challenge Air.

Challenge Air is a group that organizes events where children with disabilities of any kind can experience flying in- and sometimes piloting!- a small airplane.

The timing of discovering this opportunity was impeccable- just a month to the day until a Challenge Air event was being held just 30 minutes from our hometown. There are only a handful of these that happen each year, and finding out about this one, coincidentally, in time to sign up on the list of hopeful AND to be selected- well, that was pretty rad.

Everyone at the event was so kind and helpful and it warmed my heart to see all the special needs kids having such a good time. I highly recommend looking to see if there is a Challenge Air event near you. Its totally worth it.

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