Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look Closer

All that creativity in one small place. Did you find the: 3D fishbowl? Car full of characters? House with a fireplace and a dog? A roll of tape request? The hanging bad guy? Buzz lightyear and other Spacemen?
And do you have any idea what is drawn on the postcard? He has drawn it before and I can't figure it out.
This is after clearing "Jacob's table" a few times today. We go through so much paper and tape.

Its cool.


Becky said...

Jacob is so sweet and so creative! I saw most of the things!

Lis Cook said...

I saw some of that, but had to go back. He is getting so expressive.
Paper & tape, & other craft supplies are SO CHEAP right now with Back to School sales, some even free or .01 after rebate.

Wetzel said...

Request for more tape? How did you figure that out? I never would have guessed the meanings behind the art without your interpretations. Who says Jacob can't express himself? With a champion mother translator, he's set.