Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jacob broke a caregivers nose.

It has taken me a over a month to be able to put that out there. I am sick about it, stressed to the max, and have a sinking feeling this is only the first time. I don't know what the outcome of the situation will be, but I'm hopeful it will be easily resolved and that S will heal. I've pretty much had a rock in my stomach over it since it happened on New Years Eve.

Then today, after an intense series of events, Madison, Jacob, Mercy the Mastiff, and I all got to ride home in police cars. It involves an open front door, Jacob and Mercy both discovering this, and Madison trying to be the hero but instead causing me to think she is lost or dead somewhere. The police (who I did not call but who were, coincidentally, doing some investigative work not far away and I walked right into them) did a very quick and thorough job of reuniting us. They were all very nice and calm and I didn't feel embarrassed to be crying and having a panic attack as I imagined all the bad guys out there preying on my little girl. I left super impressed with the local Police and reassured of how quick they are to act in an emergency.

I also got some information from one of the cops about registering Jacob to be unidentified in case of emergency. If he were to go missing for any reason, his information would be easily accessed and prepare responders for how to communicate with him. This officer who told me about this has an autistic child herself, and was one of the creators of this program locally.

A few good things came out of the adventure this morning- my renewed faith in Law Enforcement, and a really smart resource to help keep Jacob safe in the future. And, seriously, through all my tears and all the walking and standing around we did today, Jacob was with me every step of the way and he was AMAZING. I'm shouting it. AMAZING!! He was like a kid with high functioing autism for a while. He listened, understood what I needed from him, stayed calm and happy and made the whole ordeal easy when it could have been a complete nightmare of chasing him down as well as his sister.

Such a big blessing right when it was needed. It seems to work out that way often. What a boost to my faith that Heaven is looking down and knows me.


taffi said...

oh, you had me worried for a bit there, with that teaser about riding in the cop cars! so, so glad it turned out so well. sounds like you have great and smart law enforcement there.

Julie said...

Alaina, your optimism in a time of true crisis is inspiring. I'd say a good word recentally used is AMAZING.