Friday, March 27, 2009

This Stinks.

As if my (justified) paranoia about Jacob smacking unsuspecting visitors as they walk through the front door wasn't bad enough- now the smell of urine saturated carpet is sure to assault them upon first sniff.

Obsessing about having a fresh-smelling home, and single-handedly keeping my local drugstore's room spray department in business, I try to disguise the unpleasantness with the not-much-more-appealing aroma of "floral bouquet" or "Hawaiian Breeze" but I am suspicious that those scents are just as overwhelming and offensive to guests.

CIIS, the State-run program that Jacob is a part of, has agreed with Chris and I that we need a floor that is easy to clean and sanitize and they are going to help us replace 75% of the carpets in our home with laminate.

We have had hardwood floors in two previous homes, and I always said I would never go back to that. I hated having sore feet at the end of every day-carpet is so much more comfortable to walk on. But back then Jacob was content to keep his diapers on and didn't show any interest in playing in his own waste. At this point, the trade off is definetly worth it.

It may take months to happen-lots of red tape to cut through. In the meantime I am giddy with dreams of how much less work I'll have when it comes to housekeeping. Sure, we have two big dogs therefore I'll be sweeping tracked-in dirt and pet hair from every room at least twice a day, but the additional stress that constantly cleaning my carpets has added to my plate will be eliminated. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Oh, what we sacrifice for safety and care of special needs kids. Doors that once easily opened and closed are now rigged with double-sided deadbolts- no one is coming or going without a key. knives and other sharp objects live in the dresser drawers under my pajamas. Food is constantly hidden and rehidden as Jacob dicovers it, and the fridge is padlocked closed.

Nothing is easy, thats for dang sure.

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