Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes at the end of the day what I need is good long cry. Tonight could be classified as one of those nights. But as I sit here at my kitchen table, the house quiet as all the people I love the most sleep soundly in their beds, I don't want to cry. I want to forget for a moment how much of a struggle just getting through the day can be, and think about what I have been blessed with, before I lay down to sleep.

When so many people are struggling to stay above water, praying to hold onto a job or praying to find one, my husband supports us with a stable job. I have a home in no threat of foreclosure, where I can be comfortable and warm, in a neighborhood where I feel safe. There are no gunshots ringing in the streets, no threat of floods or hurricanes, and for this I am reverently grateful.

So many mothers worry everyday about the health and well being of their children. Medical concerns and health insurance and hunger- these things can devastate a family. I have never had to face this type of crisis. My children have strong bodies, enough food, and doctors are just a phone call away. With the conditions of the world, the widespread poverty and wars, I know I am in the fortunate minority.

I never, ever have to be alone. If it isn't one of my children hugging me and letting me know I am needed and appreciated, then it is my husband. There is always someone to laugh with me, to sing out loud to favorite songs, to share my tears. I don't think there has been a single day in 13 years where I have not heard or said, "I love you."

I am a blessed woman. I never want to forget that.


Nicole said...

What a great perspective. We are truly blessed. But I also know that feeling of wanting to burst out into tears...even though I have all the important things in life.

Julie said...

Alaina, I am humbled by the simple beauty and total gratitude of this blog entry.

Kikit said...

My friend asked me once, "If there's a word that would describe you, what would it be?"

Like you, I told her "I'm blessed."

Sometimes, we don't need to have everything we want. We also have to want what we have. :)

By the way, if you check my site, you'll find a poem entitled, "Onions Make Me Cry." :)