Monday, March 02, 2009

Its Not Nice to Hurt Mommy

Chris and I were trying to cut Jacob's hair this afternoon, which is complete torture for everyone involved. We already knew this and thought we could manage. After about 30 minutes of trying to get him to let us do it without a fight by singing to him, trying to soothe, setting up a movie on the pc in the bathroom, bribing with soda and having no sucess, and a lot of screaming and hurting us, I had to sit on his legs and hold down his arms while Chris used the clippers. We both got scratched, bittten, pinched, etc. I have fingernail and teeth marks and a few bruises on my arms.

But the worst was when I was trying to cut it while Chris held Jacob on his lap. My chest was right in his face, and he leaned forward and bit my breast really hard. I think he damaged something inside. It hurts. :( I thought babies with new pointy baby teeth hurt, but this was an intentional bite form a big strong mouth, and it was 100x worse. This was nine hours ago and the pain has barely subsided.

In the heat of the moment I started laughing like a mad person. Sometimes it's either that or break down and cry. But I really hate when I start to laugh because I feel like I should be in the Nut House, and of course Jacob doesn't understand where the laughing is coming from when I should be yelping/crying/yelling "NO!!"

Fun times. How in the heck will we do this when he is bigger??

But despite a few hours of intense drama and physical exhertion, no day is all bad with Jacob, and I can't write about life with him without expressing my love for the little guy.

He has been dressing up like a mermaid for over a month now. Bikini and fins made of paper and taped to his body. I made him a more realistic looking sea-shell bikini, but he had little interest and discarded it for his homemade creations. Half the time he wants me to be a mermaid as well, and tapes my costume on as well. My family and anyone who comes to our house is getting used to seeing me with a paper crown, bikini, jewlery, tail, or any combination of these things. I don't even try to explain it anymore.

I was going over body parts with him yesterday, and I'm pretty sure he said "teeth." Its so hard to distinguish between real words and his baby talk. And since he never saus anything twice, I never have proof that he has learned to say somethiing new. No amount of begging or bribing gets this kid to repeat a word. At least I got to hear it once.

I enjoyed rubbing his newly buzzed head tonight as he fell asleep, and feeling his breath on my face because we are only an inch apart on the pillow. The sweetest high and the darkest lows- Jacob is a force all his own.

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Jaimers said...

Oh, Alaina...I really don't know how you do it! Your mothering puts my own mothering woes to shame! I've got something to gripe about every day, but I really don't know how easy I have it! You must be someone special to be able to handle life the way you do. I can just see you laughing. What a truly good mother you are!