Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Day To Go Down In History

Is it possible to have one of the most disgusting autistic events and a great day of progress at the same time?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Poop. I could go into a lot of disgusting detail, but I'll spare you. I will say these words and you can use your imagination: spoonfuls, mold, mysterious smells, trampoline netting, smears, rotating fan, Jacob. Have fun with that.

And now for the good stuff because I'd like to get the occurrences of the last few hours out of my mind. However I doubt I will ever forget. It's seared there forever.

Jacob has displayed two new skills to us today- nodding and mimicking sounds. Funny that those two things are so thrilling to the mother of a child as old as mine, but if you know the history (which I assume you do if you are reading this blog) then you know that the seemingly smallest progress can be an incredible advance.

This morning I asked Jacob if he wanted eggs for breakfast, not really thinking he understood "eggs" and "breakfast", more likely the pointing that I was doing. But then he nodded enthusiastically. Of course I thought it was a total coincidence. So I asked him if he wanted cereal, and he made his "NO" sound.

Then I asked him again, not pointing to the egg carton this time, and he definitely nodded. After he finished eating I asked him if he was all done, and he nodded again! Three times in appropriate context, and I am convinced he has learned a new skill. Yay!!

When Jacob got home from school today there was a small note from his teacher in his backpack. She wrote that Jacob was mimicking words today. Repeatedly. Mouse, Jones, Yellow, Up, Jacob. I know that the words probably didn't sound like they would if you or I were to say them, but who cares?? Any effort in the way of language is a really, really big deal. Really big.

Of course he had no interest in copying anything I tried to get him to say, but stubborn is his middle name and I didn't expect him to give me a repeat performance. Jacob has his own ideas of who he wants to thrill and when. I have been waiting for all these years to hear his sweet little voice say something more, and I can wait for however long it takes him to show me what he can do.

Tonight as Jacob was getting ready for bed he willingly brushed his own teeth. This is always a big dramatic scene at bedtime, and I really didn't believe my eyes even as it was happening right in front of me. No toothpaste and not close to a dentist-worthy cleaning but, again, who cares?? This is PROGRESS!!

The good things really outweigh the bad today. I'll get over the poop incident eventually, even if it never really leaves my mind. And the expressive language/mimicking sounds is enough to keep my on a high for a good long time.

These emotional ups and downs all squished into one day really wears a mom out. I think I'm going to have happy dreams tonight.


Jaimers said...

The fact that you hardly mentioned the poop incident shows how thrilled you are about his progress. Way to seek out the positive, and yay to Jacob!!

Amber said...

WOW! That is a significant communication leap in my book! How awesome!!
Sorry about the poop incident though. That is NO fun to clean up.

Olivia said...

Yay for Jacob! And yeah, just keep working on blocking out the poop incident.

Olivia said...

Yay for Jacob! And yeah, just keep working on blocking out the poop incident.

Amy said...

WTG Jacob. And I don't think I even want to guess about that poop incident.

The Mathews Four said...

Oh HOORAY! I am so happy to read this! I love you!

Candee and Weston said...

OH!!!! I don't know what to say. You are an awesome mother. Some day he will thank you for all you do for him.

I am glad that he is making progress! That is really exciting.

Good luck with more progress.

Amanda and Steve said...

That's wonderful and so exciting! And a very sweet picture, too.

Inkling said...

Yeah! Those are huge milestones--that nodding could be life-changing, I think. And what a beautiful picture of him. And sorry about the poop.

Julie said...

Thanks for the beautiful picture of Jacob to more poignantly sear into our minds the drama and happiness of your day.