Monday, September 15, 2008

We are stuck in Diaper No Mans Land.

Jacob is still wearing diapers about 60% of the time. Over the past seven years we have been working our way through every brand and size, adjusting accordingly as Jacob's body changes, and now we are hitting a brick wall.

He's tall and heavy, no question, but he's not fitting into even the smallest adult size diaper. They just aren't made to be worn by active little kids. So in just the past week we have tried four brands, hoping that some company has made their diapers fit more like a toddler's pull-up. Now we have bags of crappy diapers (hehe) we won't use, and still no solution.

Jacob is 4 ft tall and 125 lbs. He needs the pull-up type diaper to encourage toilet training. It has to fit smoothly under his clothes as to not draw attention at school (my concern, not his). And it would be great if the leg holes didn't squeeze his chubby thighs and leave red indentations. You can see the dilemma.

Up until recently we have been using Goodnights brand pull-ups. They are meant for overnight use, but they have been the best diapers for Jacob for daytime use as well. Something like this but larger would be ideal, but I have had no luck in my search.

So what do I do? My son's doctors and therapists don't seem to know what to do any better than I do. I assume there are a lot of parents who have dealt with this same issue: Where can I find a quality diaper that properly fits bigger kids who are not potty trained?

I am sending that out to you- crossing my fingers that someone on the World Wide Web has just the right answer. If you are a parent who found a great solution, I'm begging to hear about it. :)


Amy said...

no ideas, just letting you know I read your blog :)

Amber said...

Have you thought abut clothe? I know..sounds like a lot of work but they could be tailored to his size and surely someone could be creative enough to make it similar to a pull up? I don't know how realistic that would be for school though. Good luck!

Sharla Hunt said...


I am hoping this info might help, but maybe you could try going to a nursing home and see what brand of underpants they use there. When I was doing some training for my CNA, we had to change the underpants of the patient's every few hours and the ones that they were using worked great because there were no leaks and they had an adjustable waistband. They were also not as bulky so you would not notice that they had anything on. I hope this might help.

-Sharla (Dale) Hunt

P.S. Your daughter looks just like you when you were little. How is your grandpa, is he still around? I still remember having him for math and getting in trouble once by him and getting sent to the principal's office (my one and only time). LOL!