Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer's End

School starts tomorrow. Three months ago I was anticipating a really hard summer. And now its over and I'm anxious to have some freedom again, but already missing the laid back fun and late night drives with my kids.

Tyler is off to 6th grade. Middle school. He's very excited about it, I'm a bit more apprehensive. Tyler was a perfect baby in my arms just yesterday. He's continued to be a kind, fun, smart kid as he's grown. I just hope he continues to talk to me and let me hug him. I know that a lot of the rules could change. I don't feel grown up enough to have a child this old.

Madison will be in 4th grade. She's not to happy with her teacher or classmates after reading the list. None of the other kids she befriended last year are in her class. But I reminded her that she was only at this school for a month before the summer, and there could be lots of awesome girls in this class just waiting to make new friends. I really want her to find some good friends. That would be such a boost for her. She is getting more beautiful every day.

Jacob will be in the same classroom he was in for the last year. I am very glad about this. The teacher is great, and Jacob has the same 1:1 assistant as before. We have been struggling with aggressive behavior and I think that the routine of school will make him happy and calmer. His comprehension has been improving so much and I can't wait to see what new things he will learn this year. I think he will like the return, if I can just get him on the bus in the morning. There will be two of us if it comes down to having to manhandle him into the seat. Fun.

Chris will go back to school is a few weeks as well. He is on his last year of night classes and is a 4.0 student, which those who knew him at any stage of his K-12 years might find hard to believe, and was recruited to the Honor Society and a fraternity, both of which he couldn't care less about, which should not be hard to believe if you knew him during those same years. :)

I go back to work next week. Just my part time personal assistant job, but a little cash that is needed. The expense of buying this home has been harder that we thought. And the kids are not getting cheaper as they get older, unfortunately. Any extra money we earn is a blessing.

Chris and I have a 5 day vacation at the end of the month. We are going to Vegas and to my small hometown in Arizona. We are both so anxious to have some time alone, and 5 days is perfect. Neither of us has been to Las Vegas for years, and that will be an adventure. Then when we go to Page, I plan to take a million pictures and work on my photography skills. What a perfect landscape for practicing.

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately. I generally find myself pouring my heart out and gaining balance when I sit down to write. For some reason that has been hard to do, and I think I understand writer's block. I have always been grateful to have this outlet, this free form of expression. I hope I can quickly resolve whatever is holding me back, and share my life and experiences with all of you more frequently. Love to all~



Amy said...

yay for school!! And I hope your writer's block passes, I love your writing.

The Mathews Four said...

I can't believe your kids are that old either. Time sure does go by fast. Great job to Chris! I'm really proud of you guys. Here's to hoping that we all settle into our new school year routines quickly and that your writer's block ends. I love to read your writing! Love you!

Julie said...

Sorry about your blue days. I am feeling the same. I hope this state passes quickly. I am so eager to have some time with you in just 3 weeks.

TC said...

I only dream of the day when all 3 of my kids are in school. What will I do with myself? Eat BonBons and watch Oprah all day... I'm sure that is what every Mother thinks, and then reality sits in huh? So you are going to Page? When are you going to be there? Do your parents live there again?

Candee and Weston said...


I have been checking your blog regularly and have missed your posts. I hope all is well! We have started a blog and it is www.thebikingfam.blogspot.com I hope you will leave comments. I really want to keep in touch with you!