Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Son-Rise: The Basics

I know many of you have been waiting for an update about the autism therapy program that CJ and I attended in Massachusetts a few weeks ago. Our week spent at the Option Institute learning how to run a Son-rise program was so full of information that I can't begin to relay it all back to everybody here. So I have narrowed it all down to these basic principles:

*Son-rise is a home based, one-on-one therapeutic approach to helping a child with autism (and other related disorders) grow and develop.

*The basis is love and acceptance- of who the child is now and who they may become.

*Parents are the key. No more relying on "professionals" to tell me what is best- I know from instinct.

*Child-centered. It's all about, and all for, the child.

*Energy, excitement, and enthusiasm (referred to as "the 3 E's) are a huge motivator, and make all the difference.

One of the goals we have is to create a "playroom" in our home. In reality it is a therapy center, but way more appealing to the child. This room will be only for JJ, full of stuff he loves, and where he will spend the majority of his time for as long as we continue this program. This might take some time to figure out- we live in a tiny house that has no extra space- but we are determined to make a special place to start our Son-Rise program with JJ. In the mean time we are working on our "3 E's" and feeling good about getting this thing going for real!!

We'll keep you updated as we make progress. I'd love to tell you more if you have questions for me, please ask.


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Heather S. said...

Hi AJ- you don't know me and I don't know you, but I was your cousin Jessica's roomie a long time ago. I remember her talking about you and I've read your blog a few times. I want you to know that I admire you, your husbands and kids strength (but mostly you) in this on going battle you are facing. I can't imagine what a struggle this has been or will be- but I appreciate your honesty in your blogs and your efforts and your FAITH in Heavenly Father. I am expecting my first in March and know it wont be the last- and that I have chances of any of my kids having autism or down syndrome and that it wont be easy, but can be done. Good luck with everything. You are an inspiration to me. I'm so happy you were able to attend this program and know it will bring good things to your family and little JJ! God bless!