Monday, July 16, 2007

Mom's Weeknd Out

I had a great "momcation" last weekend. I got to escape to Portland for 2 days of fun and freedom. First I met M, an internet friend for the first time (I can admit that here.) She is a great photographer and she took pics of JJ in our neighborhood. Then she and I met up with L, another MOF, in Portland for a yummy dinner at PF Changs and went to see OOTP (We got to see at Imax in 3D!!). The next morning 4 of us MOFs (H joined us) met at Voodoo Donuts for a vey unique pastry experience. :P This is M, L, and me in the 3 hours line for Harry Potter 5.

After I split off from them, I dropped by my sister JW's house hoping she was around and available to visit, and we ended up spending the whole rest of the day together. I even got to hang with my niece and nephew while JW got a haircut. They are such darling kids! RW has the face of an angel.

My two teenage sisters came to spend Sunday and Monday with us, and we had fun catching up. Here are my sisters and my two oldest kids- all re-reading HP before book 7 comes out this weekend.

Catch me if you can-


Inkling said...

What fun! Jealous am I, of both pastry and IMAX. You definitely deserved that break!

AmberL said...

How fun and relaxing that sounds! LUCKY!!

The Mathews Four said...

I'm so glad you got to take some time for yourself... and with such great company! That picture of RW is so cute. In that last picture you need to paint lightning bolt scars on their foreheads to match the glasses. LOL! They're just like The Daddy and I... we need our own copies of our own books because we can't take turns and we can't share! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Melissa said...

Donuts....I want one!!! Your sisters are adorable, we should set them up with my brother, he is leaving on his mission this winter, he could use some pen pals! He is hot too...LOL!!