Monday, July 02, 2007

Early Summer Update

I have so much to update, and so little time. Here's a quick look at what the J Family has been doing for the past 2 months. :)

-JJ never went back to school. We are now working on a summer program in hopes he will be ready to go back in the fall. Fingers crossed. He's had some medications switches and we are working on some behavior issues. His latest interests (obsessions??) are cutting tiny shreads of paper (so fun to clean up) and writting on himself with markers or pens or whatever he can find. He likes to draw "makeup" on his eyelids and lips.

-It's summer- and our house is busy!! MJ and TJ spent a week camping on the Coast with their grandparents, and have several other fun things planned for the summer. Next they get to spend two weeks in Utah, go to a wonderful family reunion, and we even have Disneyland planned for October (thank you so much to my fabulous in-laws!) Good summer for them!!

-We are trying to move. This house is just too small, and since JJ is already enrolled in a school way across town, in the same area where CJ works, it just makes sense to move that direction. But finding a home and selling this one is so much work!! We really want to find a place that we can stay in for a long, long time. It would be nice to have that stability for JJ. Our choices (in our meager price range) are so limited. We have some specific needs- a classroom area for therapy, 4 bedrooms (TJ and MJ need to be able to get away from JJ at times), a large yard for JJ to run around and lose some weight(his weight really affects how I take care of him. I can't lift him, and can barely pull him. If he is struggling against me, he is too big for me to fight with.) There's just not much available for us. It's putting a lot of stress on us.

-I have been dealing with my depression again and not doing to well. It just makes everything else seem so much harder, ya know? But CJ and I are doing great. We had our 11 year anniversary in June, and I can't believe how fast time flies. He's the perfect fit for me. We get to spend 2 days and nights alone in a few weeks, and that hardly ever happens. We are going to a resort a few hours away that we got a great deal at. I'm excited!! It really takes little things like that to help me stay afloat when I'm suffering with this stupid depression. Something to look forward to.

-CJ's grandma died from cancer last month. It was very sudden, by the time they discovered she had it it was too widespread to save her. She was a very lovely woman, and she is missed. CJ doesn't have any more grandma's alive, and I don't have any grandpa's. We miss them and think about them often. It really makes me thankful for my parents and CJ's parents and how much they love our kids.
Here are a few pictures from the beach:

Catch me if you can!!



AmberL said...

Boy it sounds like you guys ARE going to be so busy this summer!! It is so beautiful where you live! Good luck with the house hunting can be so discouraging but you'll find something!
You're such an incredible writer BTW. I check here often and I was so ecited that you had an update!!

The Mathews Four said...

I'm excited to see an update, too! You guys have been busy. This summer is going to fly by so fast for your kids. Do you remember when I used to come down to AZ for a few weeks with you during the summer? At the beginning of those trips 2 weeks seemed like we were going to have forever together but then it was always over so fast. Great memories!