Wednesday, January 03, 2007

They Just Keep Getting Older

My two older kiddos both had birthdays recently. TJ turned 10, and MJ turned 8. I can't believe how the years have flown by! It seems like yesterday they were babies in my arms. I am such a blessed mom to have them. They are fun, outgoing, smart, gorgeous children. I love them with all my heart.

And since CJ got me a scanner for Christmas (Thanks, sweetie!) I can finally post old pictures. Here are a few of their first years of life.

TJ- the sweetest baby ever, He was a beauty from the second he was born. This is him at 6 weeks, and again at 22 months.

TJ (2) and MJ (5 months)

Buddies! Ages 1 and 3.

My beautiful MJ. Even a chocolate-covered face can't hide that glow!!

And then there were three! TJ, MJ and CJ.


dixiechic said...

I know what you mean. They grow up way too fast. I love it, but in a way, it's sad. Lol. Seriously cute kids. They all look so HAPPY! :)

Inkling said...

Wow, I can't believe how much T. looked like himself as a tiny baby. He has such a sweet face. So do the others, of course. Critter was just asking yesterday where T. was . . . he's pretty attached. I hear you're all fluish, though, so I guess we won't get to see you too soon. Hope it passes quickly!

The Mathews Four said...

I love seeing pictures of your kids this little. I remember the 2 year old TJ so well. So, I've started a blog (finally) and I've saved my first post for you! You're my very best....!

The Mathews Four said...

... actually I guess I've saved my very first "comment" for you. I'll no longer be a lurker!