Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have this new part-time job merchandising books. It's easy, flexible, pays decent, but so, so, so horrifying. Why? Because I have to tear up and throw away perfectly good, unopened and unread books! It has something to do with the book being cheaper to get rid of then to ship back, and authors not wanting their titles to be given away or sold for cheap. I get that, but it is such a huge, huge waste. Today alone I tore the covers off of 18 books, and tossed the pages in the trash. Bestsellers, novels, health information, whatever doesn't fit in the grocery store aisle.

I am a reader. I used to spend my summers as a kid reading everything I could get my hands on. My cousin would travel from Utah for 6 hours to spend time with me, but instead of playing we would trade books and read. All. Day. Long. I have memories of us hanging out in her closet reading. Yeah- we were that cool. It got to a point where I would go to my local library several times a week, and struggle to find something I hadn't already read. I don't spend quite that much time reading anymore, but more than your average adult, for sure.

I am also a book collector. I buy books. Lots and lots of books. From everywhere- the thrift stores are my favorite, used book shops and online a close second. I have stacks and stacks of books that I have future plans to read. I have books on shelves, books in drawers, books packed in boxes, books all over my nightstand. Most of these are novels, but I do spend a bit of time with decorating and self-help reads.

You can understand why it hurts to throw out perfectly good books and get paid for it. It seems so wasteful. I inquired about donating them to a shelter or Salvation Army or a senior center, but the big company I work for has no interest in my little ideas. Humph. We should be promoting reading!! What a great way for an author to win over more fans! Am I right?

And since I like to post pictures here are the books in my bedroom- ones I have not yet read or read to often to put away:

And because I am trying to use this blog as my Gratitude Journal, I have to add-

Today I am grateful for parents who encouraged my love of all things written, and never made me play sports.

Catch me if you can-

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