Sunday, December 04, 2005

Letter To A Soldier

Letter To A Soldier

He's up at dawn, after restless, sleepless night, preparing for the hard day ahead.

There's a pattern to be followed, specific and rigorous, morning after morning, for the length of his deployment. He follws the pattern with dedication.

The daily battle is tiring, long. The losses are pulling him down, small victories boost him back up again. He wins a little and loses a little, but continues his work with pride.

There is support and opposition at every turn. Some think him a hero, some throw stones. The people of the warzone are battleworn and looking for peace.

He is tired, lonely, feeling defeated. He is strong, kind, and inspired. He is all of these things, and he is pressing on.

At the end of the day, after the battle on the streets, he returns to lay down, to rest for a time and begin once more with the next rising sun.

Then he sees, on his bed, his saving grace. A letter from home that reads,

"Dear Elder" and "Love, mom"

And he continues in His service, renewed again.

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Taffi said...

Absolutely love that.