Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Scary night and worse morning.

We had tornado sirens going off last night. We had the kids all awake and hudled on the couch, waiting to go into our dark, wet, stinky basement until we had to. We didn't end up needing to hide out, but it really was exciting watching the lightning and wind. I like storms, but Madison was freaked out. Then at about 3am Chris got called into work to restore all the downed power lines.

So I didn't fall asleep until about 5am, then up again at 7 to take Tyler and Maddie to school. Jacob never went back to sleep after we woke him up at 1:30am. I decided not to take him to school, since I was way too tired to do my daily 3 hours of driving, and he hadn't slept and was grumpy. So at about 9:45 there was a Mcdonalds commercial on tv and Jacob was begging to go there, and getting mad about it. I signed to him we'd go later, and thats the last thing I remember.

At 11:15 my phone rings, wakes me out of a dead sleep on the couch. As soon as the phone rang I woke up in a panic- Jacob wasn't right beside me any longer. Chris tells me he just picked up Jacob several blocks down the road. I didn't even know he got out.

It was truly a blessing that Chris got off work early. There's no other time he'd be driving down the same street Jacob was running down. And if he hadn't been working overnight, it would have been a regular schedule and Jacob could have been gone until I eventually woke up- who knows how much later.

Jacob had closed all the curtains in the living room where I was asleep, turned off lights, unplugged the TV, and turned off the alarm on the back door. he does this when we pretend- obviously he wanted me not to wake up. He also must have climbed over the fence to get out of the backyard. He was so intentional in his sneaking out. I'm just so thankful for Chris finding him.

Jacob may have had a goal in his mind, but he had no idea where he was going, had nothing to identify him, and had on a cub scout shirt that is many sizes too small so only the very top button could be buttoned and his big tummy was hanging out. And no shoes. I think you all know he doesn't talk and could not tell anyone who he is or where he lives.

I feel quite ill about it. I am so mad at myself for falling asleep. Things could have been bad.

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