Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank You

Its only 5 pm, and already the food has been eaten, the company has left, and most of my family is napping with full bellies.

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. Health, home, employment, a partner who loves and respects me, children that I laugh with daily, and God who gives me all of this.

I am particularly thankful tonight for an encouraging, understanding support system. The teachers, caregivers, family, friends and even strangers who help me keep my chin up when the going gets tough.

Thank you to my 10 year old neighbor who has a keen eye for when Jacob has escaped, by way of garage or neglectfully unlocked front door, and either patiently walks him back home, or calls me and lets me know she is running after him. Lexi, I appreciate you.

To my neighbor to the left who stops by occasionally with produce from her garden or goodies from her kitchen- it brightens my day to see your generosity and thoughtfulness. And we all love it when your puppy wiggles her way under the fence and into our yard. What a delightful creature she is.

Those who care for and teach my children have a special place in my heart. In church, in school, and in my home- You are giving me time to be a better mother, and helping my children to be happy and know their own strengths. I am a big fan of every one of you.

To the special needs school bus drivers who have a particularly difficult job and are surely underpaid and overlooked too often- forgive my child for his aggression and noise. Know that I think you are heroes and pray regularly for the safety of you and the young ones you transport.

A big hug of thanks to the unknown people we encounter daily who smile at me and my child, who take a moment to tell him hello or comment on his costumes and creations. You inspire me with your simple kindness. It is truly a divine quality.

To my family- I thank you for the love you show me. For the hugs and kisses, the cards with words of affection, and the happy moments we share. I hope you know I'd drop everything for you, anytime.

My heart is full, and I give the credit to my God. Thank you for every big and little thing. Thank you for understanding me and knowing what I need. I will work every day to show to others the charity that you show to me.

Happy Thanksgiving today and every day,


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Sandy said...

Thank you, Alaina. I hope you don't mind me quoting you in my talk in church tomorrow. Your feelings and expressions go perfectly with my topic. Thank you for being such a great example to us all. I truly marvel at your strength.