Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miss Me??

I know, I know. Its been too long with no word of how things are going in the Jones household. Honestly, lately, blogging has seemed like a mountain I have no energy to climb. I think about it every day and feel guilty for having temporarily lost the desire to express myself through writing and I have, more than once, written "BLOG!!" in huge letters down my forearm to encourage action just to shower it away, and have started more than a few new posts just to save them as halfway completed drafts. Its kinda feeling like a four letter word, blog.

But life keeps happening anyway, even Internet-worthy things, and so for my first attempt at blogging in over a month I am going to give a simple update on Jacob, and make promise not to leave you hanging for so long again.

Here ya go:

Jacob said "hi mom." Twice. His first two-word combo! And to think its been 8+ years coming. The whole family was in the car together and we were all there to witness this milestone. Very cool.

Yesterday he carried my laptop, and the printer (which is rather large and has several parts) down the stairs to the kitchen, plugged them both in and connected them together and then called for me ("Ma!! Ma!!") to come print him pics of Scooby Doo ("Doo"). I have been doing Google image searches with him, just sitting together looking at the pictures on the monitor, and he loves it. After looking through ten or so pages of thumbnail sized pictures, we'll print one off for him to keep. Its cute that he thinks the proper place to do this is at the kitchen table since that happens to be where we have been each time but I'm having nightmares of my computer slipping out of his arms and crashing down the stairs to its death.

Today he opened a box of brownie mix and dumped it in a baking dish and put it in the oven. No liquid or eggs, just the dry, powdery mix. Then he kept flipping on the oven light, checking to see if it was "cooked." Madison made them when he wasn't paying attention- we don't need more of an excuse for brownies- but now I'm realizing that wasn't such a good idea since it may lead to him thinking he really can use the oven to make a treat whenever he feels like it. Oops.

He has been pooping in the backyard. He'll go outside to play, then come in a little later with no diaper/undies on and take my hand to lead me outside to proudly show me his poo. As if two dogs doing their business on my lawn wasn't enough. *eyeroll*

Instead of taking off his shirts the regular way, he has been cutting them off himself- right down the front center. So far we have had to toss out 7 sliced Ts.

Jacob will take an object and pretend it is a salt shaker, shake it over whomever looks the most appetizing (most often myself or Tyler) and pretend to eat the victim corn-on-the-cob style. He thinks this is hilarious, and we all got a good laugh out of it for a few days, now it is just irritating to have him pulling on my arm and slobbering all over it. Cute, but annoying.

See how fun life is at my house? How we have reason to laugh, sometimes cry, every day? And this is just with regard to Jacob- blogging about my teenager, Tyler, would be more about anxiety and emotional upheaval (mine) and how I thought life with young kids was hard but I'm seeing that this experience of raising teenagers may be a bigger challenge. Thankfully, for now, Madison isn't giving me any reason to stress out or worry and I am most definitely counting my lucky stars for that small miracle.

So I hope this update has accomplished two goals-catching everyone up on Jacob's newest successes and breaking the cycle of blog neglect that has been so hard to escape.

I'll be back soon, so don't stop coming back to check up on me.

Love to everyone-


Laura said...

When is our lunch date?

Jaimers said...

So glad you're back! I enjoy your reads more than anyone elses, I think! I can always get a full picture of your happenings in my mind b/c you're such a fantastic writer! I would like to know more about the 'raising a teenager' experience, though. I have all that to come! Love you! xx