Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Counting Blessings

Haven't done one of these for a while. It always makes me feel better.

*Looks like we have buyers!! If all goes as planned *fingers crossed* than we will sell this house in 45 days.

*With no school for the next 10 days, Jacob and I can sleep in together. How I love cuddling with him in the morning.

*Went to book club tonight. Had a great discussion about The Hiding Place. I really enjoy doing this every month with such funny, bright women.

*Only 3 more days until we are down to 1 dog again. Little yippy one is going back to Arizona.

*Took a few great pics over the weekend.

*Jacob drew Plankton on his bedroom door today. It had been too long since I last found a little happy art suprise.

*Drove 20 miles out of town today just to get the best fried sushi ever. Delicious food, pretty drive, music therapy for me. Nothing heals like rockin' in the car. :)

*I see spring!! Pink never looked better.

1 comment:

AmberL said...

YAY! For all the news!

I DO love spring time.