Sunday, November 18, 2007

When Will I Learn....

...Not to leave markers lying around the house!! I really need to stick with the Sharpie Ban that I always enforce for too short of a time when things like this happen.

JJ had another marker incident today.

And, as you can see from these pictures over the last few months, there is a pattern of ink abuse.

The biggest marker event happened almost two years ago. This one happened in the middle of the night. We didn't even know JJ was up, but CJ woke up to this furniture massacre in the morning. What, at first, seemed to be a huge, irrepairable mess, turned out to be a breakthrough and joyous occasion: it was the first time we saw that JJ was drawing something other than scribbles. If you look close you will see little people and happy faces. These were covering our wooden cabinets, kitchen table, and end tables. He was four and half at the time, and up to that point had not ever drawn or written anything besides scribbles. We were so happy to see those little stick people, that we didn't even try to clean it off for several days. And we still have, saved with love, one of the tables to commemorate the occasion.

JJ keeps us on our toes and leaves us laughing.


The Mathews Four said...

I've been so busy lately that the only blogging I get to do are my own posts. I'm happy to see some updates! How sweet that you kept the end table as a memory and how wonderful that you guys had such an amazing attitude about it. One question? Has his hand returned to it's original color yet? He's thorough... I'll give him that!

MOm said...

And what looks like train tracks! Is JJ a train-fan?

AmberL said...

There is some kind of magnetic pull in markers that kids can NOT resist!
And that is always a bad thing. ;)

Have you tried the Color Wonders Markers?