Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer is winding down!! We have had an eventful one, and a few more fun things planned before school starts again.

TJ and MJ got to spend 10 days in Utah with my parents. They hiked, played wii, went to movies, played at the water park twice, and went to the best family reunion ever (put on by the best family ever.) I am so glad they got to spend this time with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Some of my best memories are at these reunions as a kid. *swelling heart*

While the big kids were still gone, CJ and I got to escape for 2 days alone in central Oregon. CJ grew up there, and still has a few relatives there, so it's always fun to go back and visit. It was wonderful to be alone. It was wonderful to have the bed to ourselves the entire night. It was great to have peace to think about our lives and talk about where our family is headed. I love this man so, so much.

JJ is having a hard time. We have temporarily dropped all his medications but one. And when JJ has a hard time, we all have a hard time. :( His sleep has been scarce (and therefore mine as well) and his aggression is increasing. As hard as it is for the rest of us- I hurt most inside imagining what he is experiencing. JJ has been on and off so many different medications as we try to regulate his little body. And now that he is not taking any- does he feel withdrawl symptoms? Does his head hurt? Is he unable to tolerate sensory issues? I wish he could tell me. I hate this guessing game that we have to do with no input from the patient. It's so hard to tell what is affecting him- the meds, his lack of sleep, sensory overload, body aches and pains- we can only guess. We are really, really needing to figure out how to potty train him. A poopy 6 year old is not a pleasant thing. Yet he is so resistant to toilet training. I am crossing my fingers that we will learn something that will help us with this at our Son-Rise conference next month (read previous post.) I'm really anxious to get there and learn a ton.

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Amberl said...

How nice for the older ones to get a vacation and you guys get a bed to yourselves!! I'm so excited for your trip and all the wonderful resources you will get!!