Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We had a very eventful Spring Break this year!! First, we adopted a new family member. Felix the Cat is 5 months old, and that perfect combination of playful, affectionate, and independant. And he's gorgeous.

Then we had 7 guests for most of the week. With 8 children, from age 10 (TJ) down to age 1 week (my friend's newborn- totally kissable!) and 4 grown-ups squeezed into our little house, it was a blast and a nightmare at the same time. My kids were thrilled to see their Idaho cousins again, and I was thrilled to be able to snuggle a new baby for 8 whole days. Then with 3 days left of Spring Break we went to the beach. My in-laws rented a cute little house for us all, and we enjoyed hanging out, visiting the Oregon Coast Aqaurium, and walking on the beach.

We had a great vacation- and now back to normal life this week. JJ is having some real seperation anxiety lately. He can't leave my side. It's affected him going to school. He uses his hefty body weight and muscles to protest. I can't get him into the bus without his cooperation, so he has missed quite a bit of school lately. I don't like this, but really feel at a loss for options. It happens at church, at grandma's house, in the parking lot of the grocery store, anywhere- and I can't ever leave the house without JJ freaking out. Not fun for anyone. But we will get through it. This phase will hang around for a while and then he'll be over it and onto a new and equally difficult stage. That's life.

Catch me if you can-


Dixie Chic said...

Sounds like fun times at your house! We had an extremely busy spring break vacation as well, and I'm SO glad it's over. Lol.

Candee Flamm said...


I am so glad you sent me your blog. It is so good to hear about your life in Oregon. Your kids are growing so fast. Tyler looks like a teenager. Maddie is a beautiful young lady. Jacob is growing up so fast.

How are you? I have missed having you here to go to lunch with me. How are you with your depression? I hope well. You are such a strength to me, I look up to you so much. You have many challenges but you look forward with courage and determination. I hope I can do the same.

My kids are growing so fast. Eden is 3 1/2 and is doing preschool and swimming lessons. Hallie is walking and is a monster some days. She has a spitfire personality and it really adds to the joy at our house. She still has streaks of red in her hair and I think she will be auburn when she gets older.

Email me when you can.


Candee Flamm

The Mathews Four said...

Wow it sounds like you guys had a busy week! I'm glad you got to have some fun. You're a very brave person to own a dog AND a cat! Geesh... you're my hero! MJ looks beautiful in that top picture, by the way. Love you!