Thursday, February 22, 2007

February Update

I haven't been feeling inspired or creative enough to write anything lately. So- in honor of my friends and relatives who I know stop by regularly to catch up on our lives- here's the rundown on what's up with us:

Rats- We've got em. But I am daily thanking heaven that they are located under my house and not in it. CJ has been on rat patrol, a duty he does not enjoy, and is in charge of putting out the poison and picking up the victims.

JJ- We are dealing with some inadequate situations at school, hoping to encourage some changes, and trying specifically to remain calm when we feel so desperate for something to get better. We are also trying to stay on top of all the media about autism that has been out there lately. While I am glad that the "autism epidemic" is getting so much attention, it is hard to have a child who is making so little progress when the media seems to mostly portray kids who do. Not all kids have such sucessful turnarounds. I'd like for them to show the world what life is like for families with kids who have more severe issues like JJ.

Taxes- Never a fun project, especially when you owe. Enough said.

Books- My part time job has now had me count and destroy 412 perfectly good, never opened, brand spakin' new bestsellers. These book retail for between $6.99-$9.99 so that averages about $3,500 that I've tossed in the dumpsters. There has got to be a better solution.

TTC- March is the two year anniversary of when we started trying for another baby. It's a hard, painful thing to be unable to get pregnant. I really had no idea before this experience. As hard as it has been, it has also helped me to grow in understanding and patience. And reminded me to rely on Heavenly Father. But when March 18th rolls around you can bet I'll be in hiding.

And in conclusion here are a few pics of the kiddos this past month. You know I can't resist showing off my children!

(I'll have to add these later- Blogger isn't being cooperative.)

Catch me if you can-


Inkling said...

So is a cat still in your future? A great big mouser? What a pain.

What's going on with J? We need to get together--haven't talked in a long time.

I would abhor that job--I'm surprised they don't at least recycle the books.

And I'm sorry about the pregnancy challenges. You always think growing up that it will be so simple to plan your family--and yet it is one of the things in life over which we have the least control.

Vlyb said...

Holy cow...the whole book thing depresses me!! Heaven forbid we donate them or anything charitable like that.

And I completely agree with your comments regarding JJ. Media IS all about the success stories, but there are so many out there waiting for their success stories and with some schools not being willing to accommodate and adjust, success seems unreachable. I am so sorry about that!!!!

The Mathews Four said...

Rats- How's that going? Your husband is my hero that he'll take on the job!

JJ- You are amazing and I am so proud of what you do for JJ. You're a great example to a lot of us! Love you!

Taxes- My sympathies. Bleh.

Books- What are those again? It's been so long since I've seen one. That does sound like an awful waste, though.

TTC- I'm sorry that it's not happening right now for you. Heavenly Father has a plan and if more are in the plans then it will happen. Good luck!


Logical Maniac said...

I once had a couple of friends, that moved away one day. I found out that they are back around here and their kids are growing up.

I saw CJ at the store, but he left so quick I could not confirm that it was him. Confirmation came from a mutual friend.

Now that I know that you are so close, I would like to see the family and show you my little boy.

--- Ben M.