Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Dog Hair Prophecy

So I HATE dog hair. HATE. Of course we have the harriest, sheddingest dog ever. I complain about it everyday- whine about it, yell at the dog, I basically can't shut up about having to clean up hair all day long.

So tonight we are reading scriptures and TJ is taking his turn. This is what he "reads:"

"Therefore I say unto you, Let not thy pet hair bother you. Thy pet hair is not so pesky. Thou sayest that this too shall pass."

I was like, "huh?" And he calmly says it again like he is reading it. This time I get it and we all bust up laughing.

Silly kid.

Catch me if you can-



Stacey said...

Way to make sure you're paying attention!! :-) Big thumbs up on that one!

Olivia said...

That's great! What a smart kid working it in that way!

Jaimers said...

Clever...and cute!