Sunday, July 30, 2006

England- part 2

The Roman Baths. These baths are thousands of years old. They were used for healing and relaxation in the Roman days. They were added to and changed a bit since they were originaly built, but are still so amazing. There is only 1/3 of the baths excavated, and the rest is still being explored by archeologists. The water is naturally hot, warming up deep under ground and slowly coming to the surface. It is not treated or cleaned, but has nice soft green color and a metallic smell.

This is actually 30 homes. All built seperately but added on to the next. If you look closely you can see the seperation between homes by the different colors. Each home owner is responsible for the upkeep, and we were told that cleaning the stone on them costs about $45,000. So needless to say some have not be cleaned very recently! They are considered a very "posh" place to live, costing about 2 million each.
Just one of the quaint, charming little Inns we stayed at. This one was run by a man who did it all- he seemed to be cleaning, tending the gardens, taking care of guests, running the pub and resturant- we think he was amazing!
This is me in front of the school I attended for a few months when I was 9. They were nice enoughto let us look around inside, and even gave me a memento to take home. My family and I found it amazing that the had artifacts from the history of the school (100+ years old) all out in the open. Hanging on walls and sitting in windowsills were old photos, yearbooks, attendance registers dating back to 1911- the entire history of the school. They said they have never had a problem with kids destroying or stealing any of it. Such a difference from here in the States where nothing old or antique would be left out where thousands of kids could touch it.
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Jami said...

So do tell what you got to bring back with you from your old school!

I'm loving your tour, by the way.

amerimeximadre said...

what a fun trip, its so nice your family takes trips like that!