Friday, June 23, 2006


My kids are early risers. During the school year this is great. They are up and ready and out the door without a fight. I can sleepily help them with hair-combing and shoe-finding, send them out the door with a kiss, and then take my own peaceful time with my morning ritual. I am free to go online, take a long shower, or even go back to sleep if I want to. This is how it should be.

I was the complete opposite as a kid. My parents had to shake me, threaten me, and pull me out of my bed every morning. I'm sure I completely ruined any chance of peaceful mornings for my mom and dad. I could sleep all day if given the chance. Summer was wonderful. I'd stay up late reading in bed, sleep in as long as I could, and enjoy three months of lazy days in the Arizona sun.

Summer- when you are the mom- is quite a different experience. My kids are wide awake and making noise long before I am ready to see the light of day. If I actually want to take a shower to start my day, I'd have to be up before the sun! I'm not one to sacrifice a single second of sleep I can wrangle up just to be clean!

In my effort to make summer an enjoyable time for my kids (despite my own desperate desire to sleep in, lay around with a book, and ignore the rest of the world) I have to shake myself awake at a decent time (re: after the kids have watched 2 hours of early morning cartoons) and remind myself that summer is for children. I want them to be happy and have positive memories of summer break.

I have realized that it is worth it for me to give up my ideas of what summer should be and enjoy the loud, silly antics of my precious kids. They won't be so carefree forever. And it's only three months till it school starts again.

Catch me if you can~

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