Saturday, December 03, 2005

This is only a test...

In case you were wondering: I recently changed the name of my blog- from My Own Private Idaho- that's why this post is a bit confusing.

(Disclaimer:This is my first experience at blogging, so you'll forgive me if you have a heart.)

I'm being literal when I say "my own private Idaho." I'm not referring to any old B-52's song, or the 1990's flick that I didn't see. I'm talking about the newish home state of my family and I. We are living away from extended family for the first time. It's heaven. It's hell. The verdict is not in.

My family consists of me, AJ(the mom), CJ (the dad), TJ (the sweet, sensitve oldest son), MJ (the middle child and also the girl), and JJ (the baby of the family). "We" also consists of J the dog, and Greenie and Wiz, the lizards.

We reside in a smallish town in Idaho (hence the name) that is kinda ugly and rather stinky, but pretty much a safe, quiet, and relativly cheap place to raise our little family. We ended up here after leaving Oregon in search of a better job for CJ. We really thought we'd only live here for a few months, but something about it grew on us. Could it be the family-values feeling we get from the local people? Possibly. The low, low price of home ownership? Very possibly. The new independance that living so far from our parents brings? Absolutely.

Home Sweet Idaho Home

Catch me if you can.....



Steph said...

Yay AJ! I'm up trying to resurrect my blog. Welcome to the blogging world!!!

ShelahBooksIt said...

Yay for AJ! Happy blogging!